How Installing a Water Softener can improve Your Home’s Efficiency Levels


There are many benefits of installing a water softener in your home, and some of them are more well-known than others. For example, some of the most popular reasons why people install water softeners are to eliminate limescale, protect plumbing systems and improve the effectiveness of dishwashers and washing machines. One benefit of water softeners that goes slightly under the radar is the fact that they can lower many of your home’s utility bills. Today we’re going to talk about… Read more »


What is a Water Softener Regeneration Cycle and Why is it Needed?


Water softeners remove hardness minerals from tap water all day long, and they reach a point where they need to do something with all of the minerals that they have collected. The process of draining out those minerals is known as a regeneration cycle. Today we’re going to talk about the purpose of a water softener’s regeneration cycle, how it works and the differences between regeneration cycles in different models of softeners!


What are Chlorine’s Effects on the Water Softener in Your New Hampshire Home?


Poor water quality isn’t just bad for your health; it can also cause problems for any of the water-using appliances in your home. That’s because the contaminants in your tap water interact with the internal components of many of your appliances, which can cause those devices to malfunction and often shorten their operating lives. One such example of this issue is using a water softener with tap water that contains high levels of chlorine. Today we’re going to talk about… Read more »


Why Do Water Softeners Use Salt and Does it Cause Any Health Effects in Your Drinking Water?


Water softeners can provide your home with some amazing benefits. But when some homeowners learn that salt is used as part of the softening process, they become concerned about the amount of salt that a softener will add to their daily diet. Today we want to help clear the air about this issue by talking about why water softeners use salt, what health and water officials have to say about the amount of salt that’s used by water softeners and… Read more »


7 Great Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Your New Hampshire Home


New Hampshire homeowners choose to install water softeners for a number of different reasons. That’s because hard water can affect your home in many different ways, so softening your home’s water can lead to all kinds of improvements. In fact, you might have problems in your home that you didn’t even realize were caused by hard water. Today we’re going to help you decide whether or not a water softener is right for you by talking about seven great benefits… Read more »


Water Softeners vs. Water Filters: What Purpose Does Each Provide and Which One Should You Install?


There are many different types of water treatment systems, and each can serve a different purpose for your home. Although there is certainly some overlap between the services that different types of water treatment systems provide, there is a clear distinction between two categories of systems: water softeners and water filters. Today we’re going to talk about the differences between water softeners vs. water filters and how they can be used together in your home!


How Does Hard Water Affect the Performance of Your Water Heater?


One of the worst things about having hard water in your home is that it can wreak havoc in all sorts of different places. In fact, any pipe, appliance or surface in your home that comes into contact with hard water is at risk of damage. One appliance that is notoriously affected by hard water is your water heater. Today we’re going to talk about the effects that hard water can have on the performance and efficiency of your water… Read more »


What are the Effects of Hard Water on Your New Hampshire Home?


Hard water is one of the most common water quality issues in New Hampshire. Although hard water is not a health hazard like some other water contaminants, it can cause all sorts of problems in your home. These problems extend everywhere from your kitchen to your bathroom to your laundry room and more. Today we’re going to talk about the effects of hard water in your home and how installing a water softener can defend against them!


How Does a Water Softener Work? A Guide for New Hampshire Homeowners


Hard water can cause all sorts of problems in your home, including limescale buildup, clogged pipes, inefficient water heaters, dry hair and skin and more. That’s why many homeowners install water softeners in order to remove problematic hardness minerals from their water. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to install a water softener in your home, it’s helpful to know how they work and interact with your home’s existing plumbing system. Today we’re going to help get you… Read more »