Water Tank

“Protect Your Home and Family - Test Your Water and Air”

City Water

  • Eliminates Hardness and Chlorine
  • Bottled Water is a Thing of the Past
  • Purified Water at Your kitchen Sink
Your city/public water supplier is charged with
delivering palatable water to your home.
What this really means is that the water must
be disinfected and free of bacteria and harmful
minerals.This is considered utility grade water.

McBride's Water Advantage can remove the
Chloramines/Chlorine from your utility water and finish polishing your water.  This will give you far better tasting and
aesthetically pleasing water for use throughout your home.

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine
and ammonia. There is an abundant amount
of information to be found on the internet
concerning the potential drawbacks of drinking
and using this in your home. Almost all points
to the recommendation of the removal of
chloramine and chlorine.