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For as many contaminants as there are in New Hampshire’s drinking water, there are as many different kinds of water purification techiques and equipment. This can be daunting and confusing as a homeowner. Which one method is better than the other? Which water purification company do you go with?

At McBride’s Water Advantage, we make this easy to understand. We insist on “proper” (tried and true) water filtration techniques. First we test your water, preferably at a laboratory, and then based on water chemistry and flow rates required, we develop the most cost-effective, long-term solution.

What does “proper water filtration techniques” really mean? It means that we fix one issue at a time, (i.e. Acidic water, Iron, water hardness etc.). The list goes on and on. Every well being slightly different could mean less or more filtration is necessary. The water company you choose should have your complete faith. At McBride’s Water Advantage we take pride and ownership in your water filtration equipment. We understand the bond and partnership we have with our clients and you can believe that we will be there when you need us.

Though McBride’s Water Advantage works on and services all the different products out there, Hague Quality Water produces McBride’s Water Advantage’s water purificaton product line of choice. Hague products are Made in the USA (Groveport, Ohio) and is owned by the Hague family with over 55 years of water purification equipment production experience.