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Radon in Air


Radon in Air Explanation

Radon in air is in virtually every home in the State of New Hampshire. In fact, McBride’s has yet to find one where there is none. If a McBride’s performed test shows zero pCi/L,  McBride’s Water Advantage will pick up the tab for the test.


Radon Facts

Radon gas is tasteless and odorless and is invisible to us as humans.

Radon is a Class A, human Carcinogen.  It is a known cause of lung cancer. It is the first leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

The greatest risk to Radon exposure is to children in development and pregnant women.

Radon is easily detectable by a qualified Radon measurement device.

Radon is relatively inexpensive to mitigate from your home by a qualified Radon mitigation company. 

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