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Radon is a tasteless, odorless gas created by the decay of the element radium which is in New Hampshire's soil and granite.

Radon in water comes into our home during normal household activities such as showering, dishwashing and doing laundry. It is immediately released into the air where it is typically held captive causing us to breathe it in. Radon is reported as pico Curies per liter.

It is during the course of water usage that radon escapes from water and will accumulate and raise the radon level in your home. It can pose an increased health risk, primarily lung cancer. An additional health risk is associated with the ingestion of the radon that remains dissolved in the water and is consumed. On average this latter risk is substantially lower than that associated with inhalation. The risk from radon in water is relatively high when compared to other drinking water contaminants. There are two types of radon in water mitigation systems. The first is carbon filtration which is not the preferred choice of McBride's Water Advantage or any quality water company. The safe alternative to carbon is an atmosphere storage tank where the radon is mitigated from the water and forced up a pipe and outside of your home. It then blows harmlessly away with the wind.