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Laboratory Water Testing.

Bill McBride talks about Laboratory water testing for New Hampshire and New England residents.
One of the most often asked questions we have at McBride’s Water Advantage is about laboratory water testing and what should our customers test for. Our answer is always ” You should know whats in your well water” and,  ” If there are some problem water issues,  you might not correct it right away but at least you will know what in your well water”.  This is vital information when living in the North Eastern United States. Obviously, if you have a well and it supplies your home, whether you consume your water or not. You really need to have a professional, laboratory, State Certified water test done.

The McBride’s Water Advantage, Comprehensive plus Uranium Water Test is our biggest selling test. It includes everything that is commonly found  geologically speaking in our well water.
The McBride’s Water Advantage Comprehensive plus Uranium Laboratory water test includes: