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Plumbing Problems Caused by Poor Water Quality in New Hampshire

185811819_90418abf3e_mIf tap water was perfectly pure, you would never have to worry about it flowing through your home’s pipes and being used by your plumbing appliances. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The tap water in many New Hampshire homes contains contaminants that can cause expensive plumbing problems and increase your utility bills. Today we’re going to talk about the plumbing problems that can be brought on by poor water quality and how you can avoid calls to the plumber by installing a water treatment system!

Plumbing problems caused by poor water quality

  • Reduced water pressure. Good water pressure is important when you are taking a shower, washing your hands or doing the dishes. If your home has hard water, mineral deposits can build up in your pipes and shrink the amount of space that’s available for water to flow through them. This reduces water pressure throughout your home. Hardness minerals can also build up on the tips of your faucets and showerheads, which will reduce water pressure at each of those taps.
  • Clogged pipes. If you don’t soften your home’s water, the mineral buildup in your pipes that we described above can get so severe that it can lead to a complete blockage. And hard water isn’t the only thing that can cause drain clogs. Iron bacteria, which is present in water with high iron concentrations, creates a sludge inside pipes that is known to cause clogging. If any of your pipes are clogged due to poor water quality, some of your taps and/or appliances will be deprived of receiving any water at all.
  • Pipe leaks. If your home’s water has low pH levels, it is considered acidic. Acidic water is highly corrosive and can eat through your pipes, leading to pinhole leaks that allow water to escape. In addition, sulfur and zinc are two common water contaminants that are corrosive by nature and can damage your pipes. A pipe leak is not only a waste of money, but can also cause expensive water damage to your home.
  • Reduced efficiency of plumbing appliances. Another problem with hard water is that it can reduce the efficiency of appliances like your dishwasher and water heater. That’s because limescale can coat the heating elements used by these appliances, which impairs their ability to heat water. As a result, those appliances have to work harder and consume more electricity and/or gas than normal in order to heat water.

Preventing plumbing problems with a water treatment system will save you money

Installing a water treatment system in your home is an investment that will save you money for years to come. By removing the contaminants from your water that create the plumbing problems we discussed above, you’ll avoid repeated and expensive calls to the plumber. In addition, your home’s pipes will last longer and your monthly utility bills will be lower.

What type of water treatment system should you install to avoid plumbing problems?

Any plumbing issues that result from hard water should be taken care of by a water softener. A water softener is designed specifically to remove hardness minerals from your water, which will prevent them from building up in your pipes and appliances.
If your water is corrosive due to low pH levels, you can take care of the problem by installing an acid neutralizer. If, on the other hand, your water is corrosive due to sulfur or zinc, you will want to address those contaminants with a water filtration system like an activated carbon filter or reverse osmosis system that is capable of removing them.
Finally, if your water contains high levels of iron, you can install a water treatment system that is designed specifically to remove iron. This is often needed in homes with well water.
The best way to determine which water contaminants are causing your home’s plumbing problems is to have your water tested by McBride’s Water Advantage. After showing you what’s in your water, we’ll provide you with a list of treatment systems that can address your home’s specific quality issues.
If you have any questions about the plumbing problems caused by poor water quality, or if you’d like a water system serviced or installed in your home, contact McBride’s Water Advantage, your water softener and water filtration system dealer in Epsom, New Hampshire. We provide service all over New Hampshire, including towns like Lee, Pittsfield and Barnstead, NH.
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