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Emergency Water Well Pump Service

McBride’s Water Advantage is a New Hampshire licensed Water Pump installer.
With over 50% of New Hampshire homeowners drawing their water from private wells there is a pretty big need for quality companies like us. When everything is in proper working order these wells are capable of delivering plenty of water to run the household, the pool, irrigation and much more.

It’s when one or more of the individual components of the well system is not working properly that our customers turn to us. 
The symptoms include, inconsistent, low or no water pressure, air in the water, the pump turning on and off rapidly and high electric bills.
So picture you or your spouse turning the water on to do the dishes, to take a shower, flush the commode or to make the morning coffee and barely a few drops come out. At this point most home owners would check the breaker box and if they couldn’t find a problem there, they would go look at the pressure tank in the basement. Most homeowners would probably just look at the well pressure tank and not know who to call.
Here at McBride’s Water Advantage llc, We can expertly diagnose well problems quickly some times even over the phone.  When you have a emergency well pump problem you can call us anytime at the phone number below.
McBride’s has a dedicated truck loaded and ready to go seven days a week with a qualified pump guy on call and ready to go.
For Emergency Well pump service Call 603-736-4470
If after or before business hours, you will be prompted to dial 0 for a priority call back
McBrides Water Advantage Certifications include, Radon in air and water measurement providers, licensed New Hampshire Pump Installers, Licensed Public water system operators, We provide superior water purification equipment with professional installation.
 Contact us at the office at (p) 603-736-4470, (f) 603-736-4474 or McBridesWater.com