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New Hampshire Water Issues

Water Hardness

Water Hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) in New Hampshire Water

Water Hardness results from the presence of certain elements, usually calcium and magnesium. It is reported as calcium carbonate. Water Hardness is measured at the laboratory in mg/L, this is commonly converted to grains per gallon in the water filtration industry. The scale of water hardness is 0 to 10 with 0 being perfectly soft and 10 being extremely hard. It takes just a few grains to make a difference in the feel of your water.


Hard Water is not known to be unhealthy but is aesthetically unpleasing. Soap scum will appear on tubs and showers. A white crusty substance can appear in your toilet and on your faucets. Soaps and shampoos won’t lather well, hair conditioners won’t work properly creating well-hair for women. Too much hardness can cause an undesirable buildup in your pipes, hot water heaters, and boiler-type heating systems making them less effective and efficient creating higher operating costs.

Health Risks

There are no known health risks associated with New Hampshire’s water hardness.

Treatment Options

Water softeners are specifically designed and used to remove calcium and magnesium, the components of hardness, by a process known as ion exchange. Hardness ions are positively charged, and sodium ions are negatively charged. Polarity draws the ions together removing the positively charged hardness ions and releasing a small amount of the negatively charged sodium ions. This treatment process has been in use for approximately 60 years.

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what our clients have to say


Samantha Cassista
Samantha Cassista
July 29, 2022.
Living in Bedford NH makes you cautious about water quality so I wanted to double check everything as our family is expanding. It was a great relief to work with McBride's. Their technician, Jared, recommended free services I was eligible for first and helped me understand the analysis that was sent to me - which was gibberish to my eyes, practically. We then wrapped it up with some analysis of their own at a very reasonable price. I now know I have delicious water and have great peace of mind and I know who I'll turn to if I have water needs/questions in the future!
Kathleen Alexander
Kathleen Alexander
May 22, 2022.
These guys were so great! We bought our house from my husbands grandparents almost 2 years ago which they built 20 years ago. Nothing “major” in the house was updated so we knew it was a matter of time major things would have to be upgraded. We have 4 kids and our water stopped working this week which anyone with kids knows that is a nightmare especially with weather getting hot and fighting colds. McBride was here the next day making making arrangements for what we needed. The next day we had two of the nicest service men here earlier than expected to replace our well pump. We also needed a pressure tank which we thought we were going to have wait for them to order when one of the guys made my day and said, “oh no I have one! We can do it all today”! They were all very pleasant to work with, professional, knowledgeable and explained a lot to us about our house that we didn’t know. I highly recommend McBride for any well service your looking for. They put all our stress at ease when they came to our rescue as fast and efficiently as they did. There the definition of exceeding expectations!
Melanie Young
Melanie Young
January 20, 2022.
We are very happy with the service, expertise and integrity of McBride's Water Advantage. We trust this company with all our water issues.
Jamie Carter
Jamie Carter
May 4, 2021.
After having our house built and moving in we immediately knew our water was not right. Brown water that smelled and stained all our new appliances along with the sinks, showers and tub. We called McBride’s for help and help is definitely what we received! From the initial water test to Mr. McBrides expertise in knowing what type of water system would help us get the quality water we hoped to have when we moved into our new house. Everything was Top Notch, Grade A professional. I can now say my home is finally livable and McBride’s Water Advantage had everything to do with that. If you need clean, clear water you won’t be let down. I highly recommend them if you need help with cleaning up your water
Robert Harrington
Robert Harrington
April 14, 2021.
Wonderful service and expertise shown in the replacement of our failing water pressure tank. I am especially grateful for both the removal and disposal of our 2 older tanks, as well as following day's concern re: lower water pressure in our kitchen faucet (clogged nozzle...easily remedied). Thank you, McBride's Water Advantage!
Steve Bouchie
Steve Bouchie
April 1, 2021.
The techs did a nice neat install and were great to work with
Jim Guzofski Jr
Jim Guzofski Jr
March 9, 2021.
I had McBride's put in our water system a little over 3 years ago. They are an awesome company to do business with. They are prompt, courteous and just great service technicians. They keep my system well maintained and running smoothly. And if you are a person who lives in Northwood - you know what I mean. lol. I highly recommend McBride's Water Advantage for all your water needs
Fran Huot
Fran Huot
March 7, 2021.
McBride’s was great to work with, had excellent communication, and very responsive. We were grateful to work with such a professional team. The systems they set us up with are working flawlessly.
December 7, 2020.
We purchased a new home that had water quality issues from the very beginning. High levels of Iron and Manganese were causing staining and unpleasant odors and the the water was very hard on whatever scale they use to measure such things. We chose McBride's Water Advantage based on the reviews found here and in other places, and needless to say we were not disappointed. They were responsive from start to finish, friendly, reasonably priced and most important to me incredibly professional. They installed a system in very short order that has my well water fresh, clean, and free from even the slightest hint of any odors. Without hesitation I would hire them again to deal with my well water issues and I will recommend them in the future to anyone who asks.
Lynn Nagle
Lynn Nagle
November 5, 2020.
I called them to get a price check on a service and spoke with Emilee. She was so helpful in helping me determine what I needed and was so patient with my many questions. She spoke of their customer satisfaction goals and how their job is to educate the customer so they can make an informed decision. While on the phone I e-mailed her a picture of my system. Wow, I haven't used them for service yet but just the call made me feel comfortable with their ability and honesty. If you have questions, speak to Emilee because she really knows her stuff. Thank you!


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