How Do Water Pitcher Filters Compare to Residential Water Treatment Systems?


Many people use water pitcher filters as their primary source of filtered drinking water. In comparison to residential water filtration systems, water pitcher filters are cheaper and don’t require any professional installation or maintenance. However, the quality of water that you get from water pitcher filters is not nearly as good as the water that comes from residential systems. Today we’re going to talk about how water pitcher filters work, why people use them and how they compare to residential… Read more »


Water Softeners vs. Water Filters: What Purpose Does Each Provide and Which One Should You Install?


There are many different types of water treatment systems, and each can serve a different purpose for your home. Although there is certainly some overlap between the services that different types of water treatment systems provide, there is a clear distinction between two categories of systems: water softeners and water filters. Today we’re going to talk about the differences between water softeners vs. water filters and how they can be used together in your home!


What is an Activated Carbon Water Filter and What Water Quality Problems Does It Address?


There are many different ways to treat water, and each method can be used for a different purpose. The type of water treatment system that’s right for your home depends on the specific quality issues that your water faces, which can be uncovered by having your water tested by McBride’s Water Advantage. One type of water treatment system that is useful for treating aesthetic issues in water is an activated carbon water filter. Today we’re going to talk about what… Read more »


What is an Acid Neutralizer and How Does It Fix Tap Water with Low pH Levels?


When water is pure, its pH levels are perfectly neutral. But residential tap water contains a variety of different minerals, particles and contaminants that have their own pH levels, which can alter the pH level of your home’s water. That’s why many homes in New Hampshire suffer from acidic water, which can damage plumbing systems and create problems that make your water unhealthy. Today we’re going to help you avoid these problems by talking about what acidic water is and… Read more »


Why Should You Consider Filtering the Shower Water in Your New Hampshire Home?


People install water treatment systems in their homes for many different reasons. They might want to improve their water’s taste and smell, avoid plumbing problems, ensure their drinking water is healthy, or prevent stains in their homes, just to name a few. But one benefit of water treatment systems that’s often overlooked is how they can make your showers safer and more effective. Today we’re going to talk about the problems with showering in unfiltered water and which treatment systems… Read more »


10 Signs You Need a Water Treatment System in Your New Hampshire Home


The quality of your home’s tap water depends on many different factors, including where your water comes from, how your water is disinfected, the condition of your city’s water delivery pipes and more. In fact, two homes in the same city can even have different levels of water quality. So how are you supposed to know if your specific home suffers from quality problems that should be taken care of by installing a water filter or water softener? Today we’re… Read more »


What is a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter and How Does it Work?


Water filtration systems can use a number of different methods to remove contaminants from tap water. The type of filter that’s right for your home will depend on what’s in your water, because different techniques are designed to address different types of problems. But one type of filtration method that can address nearly any type of contaminant in your tap water is reverse osmosis. Today we’re going to talk about what a reverse osmosis filter is, how it works and… Read more »


What is a Point of Use Water Filter and When Does it Make Sense to Install One in Your Home?


When you’re deciding on the best type of water filter for your New Hampshire home, one decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to install a whole house or point-of-use system. There are advantages to both types of systems, and the one that’s right for you will depend on factors like your budget and what you want to get out of the filter you install. Today we’re going to help you with that decision by talking about what… Read more »


What is Ultraviolet Water Purification and What Are Its Advantages in New Hampshire Homes?


Nowadays, homeowners have many different options available to them to treat their home’s tap water. Different water systems use different techniques to remove contaminants from water, and each technique has its own particular advantages. One type of water treatment technique that is extremely effective in New Hampshire homes is ultraviolet water purification. Today we’re going to talk about what ultraviolet water purification is and how it kills some of the most dangerous contaminants you can find in tap water!


What is a Whole House Water Filter and How Can Your New Hampshire Home Benefit from One?


If you want to improve the quality of the water in your home, you have many options to choose from. A water filter can be as small as a pitcher that you stick inside of your refrigerator and as large as a standalone appliance that’s attached to your home’s plumbing system. A whole house water filter falls into the latter category, and it’s one of the best options you have for filtering your home’s water. Today we’re going to talk… Read more »