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10 Signs You Need a Water Treatment System in Your New Hampshire Home

5750806378_4ee27976c4_mThe quality of your home’s tap water depends on many different factors, including where your water comes from, how your water is disinfected, the condition of your city’s water delivery pipes and more. In fact, two homes in the same city can even have different levels of water quality. So how are you supposed to know if your specific home suffers from quality problems that should be taken care of by installing a water filter or water softener? Today we’re going to answer that question by talking about 10 signs that you need a water treatment system in your home!

10 signs you need a water treatment system in your New Hampshire home

  • 1. Your water is not clear. One of the easiest ways to tell if your tap water has quality issues is to pour a glass of water and simply look at it. High-quality water should be completely clear. If your water is cloudy or a color like yellow, orange or red, it’s a sure sign that it contains contaminants that should be removed.
  • 2. Your water smells bad. Pure water does not give off any smells. So if your water smells like chlorine, metal, rotten eggs or any other strange odor, you should consider installing a water treatment system to get rid of the contaminants that are producing the smell.
  • 3. Your water tastes bad. Water should not have any particularly strong tastes and should be easy to drink. If you find yourself choking down a glass of tap water because it tastes bad, it’s a clear sign that your home could benefit from installing a water treatment system.
  • 4. People in your family often get sick. Certain water contaminants can make you and your family sick, especially after long-term exposure. To make matters worse, many of the contaminants that affect people’s health have no taste or smell. If anyone in your family gets sick often and there is no obvious explanation, the problem might be your tap water.
  • 5. Your home has limescale buildup. Limescale is a white crusty substance that builds up on plumbing fixtures and surfaces in homes with hard water. If you notice limescale accumulating around your home, it’s one of the most obvious indications that you should install a water softener.
  • 6. There are stains on your clothes, dishes or plumbing surfaces. Some water contaminants like iron, manganese and sulfur can produce stains on whatever they come into contact with. These stains most often show up on clothes after they go through the washing machine, dishes after they go through the dishwasher and pluming surfaces like toilet bowls and sinks. You can stop these stains from showing up by installing a water treatment system and removing the contaminants that are causing the problem.
  • 7. Your water makes your skin and hair dry. Hardness minerals and chlorine are two of the most common contaminants that show up in New Hampshire homes. Both of them cause your skin and hair to dry out, especially after showering. If your skin and hair often feel dry, your water might be to blame.
  • 8. Your home has frequent plumbing problems. Your home’s pipes and plumbing appliances are in constant contact with your tap water. Certain water quality issues, such as hard water and low pH levels, can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system, causing frequent clogging and leaks. If it seems like you are constantly making calls to the plumber, installing a water treatment system might be just what you need to relieve your home’s plumbing issues.
  • 9. Your city’s water quality report showed contaminants. If you get your water from a public water supply, your city is required to give you a water quality report every year of the contaminants that showed up in your city’s water during testing. If the report from your city indicates high levels of any contaminants, there’s a good chance those contaminants are in your home’s tap water.
  • 10. Your professional water quality analysis showed contaminants. The absolute best way to find out if your home needs a water treatment system is to schedule a professional water quality test with McBride’s Water Advantage. We’ll test your home’s water for many different contaminants and provide you with a report of our findings. You can use that information to decide whether or not your home needs a water treatment system and, if it does, to choose the right system for your water’s particular quality issues.

If you have any questions about the signs that you need a water treatment system, or if you’d like a water system serviced or installed in your home, contact McBride’s Water Advantage, your water softener and water filtration system dealer in Epsom, New Hampshire. We provide service all over New Hampshire, including towns like Canterbury, Epping and Strafford, NH.
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