When Should I Retest My Home’s Tap Water?


The best way to know what’s in your home’s tap water is to have it tested. That’s why McBride’s offers water testing services to New Hampshire homeowners during which we measure for a wide-range of common contaminants and quality issues. Sometimes, getting your water tested once is all you need to figure out what quality issues your water faces and to choose a treatment system to take care of them. However, there are certain circumstances that homeowners should get their… Read more »


What to Do With the Test Results from the Water in Your Home or City


Did you recently receive the results from a tap water test? Looking through all of the different types of contaminants and contamination levels can be a lot of information to digest, and your next course of action will depend on what kind of test was performed and what showed up in your results. Today we’re going to help you through this process by talking about what to do with water test results from both your city and your home!


Why Is Well Water Testing So Important for New Hampshire Homeowners?


One of the advantages of having municipal tap water is that the water is regularly tested and regulated by the EPA. Although we still suggest that New Hampshire homeowners get their city water tested independently, the EPA is able to provide a first line of defense and can notify homeowners when there is some kind of contamination outbreak. If you’re one of approximately 50 percent of New Hampshire homeowners who get their water from a private well, however, you’re not… Read more »


When Should I Get My Tap Water Tested in My New Hampshire Home?


Do you know what’s in your home’s water? There are all kinds of contaminants that can pollute the tap water in New Hampshire homes. Some of those contaminants are detectable by the human senses or the stains they leave behind on your home’s surfaces, while others are virtually invisible and have no taste or smell. The only way to truly know exactly what’s inside of your water is to have it tested. Today we’re going to talk about some of… Read more »


Want to Know Exactly What’s In Your Water? Get it Tested by a Certified Drinking Water Testing Lab!


Every home’s water is different. That’s why we here at McBride’s Water Advantage believe that the best way to know whether or not your home could benefit from a water treatment system is to have your water tested. By testing your water, we can determine what specific problems your water faces and provide you with individualized recommendations on the best treatment options for your home. The most thorough type of drinking water testing is one that is performed by a… Read more »