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How Can a Water Softener Help Improve the Health of Your Skin?

2929908370_cfc0d629c6_mWhen you shower or wash your hands, your skin comes into prolonged contact not only with tap water, but also any of the contaminants inside of that water. Some of these contaminants, such as the minerals found in hard water, can affect the look, feel and overall health of your skin. Today we’re going to talk about how hard water affects your skin and how installing a water softener can improve your skin’s health!

Hard water dries out your skin

Hard water does not lather well with soaps and shampoos. So when you clean yourself with hard water, residue from those products tends to stick onto your skin and clog up your pores. This inhibits your body’s natural ability to moisturize your skin, which is why many people report that their skin feels dry after they shower or wash their hands in hard water. To make matters worse, people tend to use more soaps and shampoos when their homes have hard water, which increases the amount of residue that ends up on their skin.

Hard water makes it more difficult to clean your skin

Another side effect of soaps and shampoos not lathering well with hard water is that it makes it more difficult to clean your skin. Showering in hard water can allow a certain amount of dirt particles, bacteria or oils to stay on your skin because the cleaning products you use will be less effective.

Hard water can be especially problematic for people with existing skin conditions

Although there is currently no evidence that hard water can cause skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis, there is a growing amount of studies that show that hard water can worsen those symptoms. That’s because skin conditions like those become more aggressive when your skin is dry and, as we have established, hard water can dry out your skin when you bathe in it.

How can a water softener help improve the health of your skin?

A water softener will remove hardness minerals from your water at the point where water enters your home. As a result, all of the water that you use for bathing or washing your hands will be soft and free of those minerals. This will make it much easier for soaps and shampoos to lather, which will prevent their residue from building up on your skin. It will also make those products more effective, so your skin will look and feel better after every shower.
If you have any questions about how a water softener can improve your skin, or if you’d like a water system serviced or installed in your home, contact McBride’s Water Advantage, your water softener and water filtration system dealer in Epsom, NH. We provide service all over New Hampshire, including towns like Strafford, Weare and Londonderry, NH.
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