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Is Well Water Safe? Common Issues with New Hampshire's Well Water and How You Can Avoid Them

8290953720_a4af3bf703_mUnlike municipal tap water, which is treated and regulated by the EPA, the quality of well water is not monitored by any governmental agency. In addition, well water comes from under the ground, which exposes it to a different set of contaminants than water that comes from surface water supplies. This can leave some homeowners wondering, “Is well water safe to drink?” Today we’re going to talk about the quality issues that well water faces and how you can have perfectly healthy well water by installing a residential treatment system!

Well water is not regulated by the EPA

As we mentioned above, well water is not regulated by the EPA. As a result, if you live in one of the approximately 50 percent of New Hampshire homes that get their water from private wells, it is up to you to have your water tested and treated.
If you’ve never gotten your well water tested or if you’re concerned about the quality of your well water, contact McBride’s to schedule a comprehensive water analysis performed by a State-certified laboratory. The results from your test will show you exactly what quality issues your water faces and will give you the information you need to choose the right filtration system to treat your water.

Common quality issues in well water

There are several reasons why well water faces different contamination issues than city water. Perhaps the biggest factor is the fact that well water comes from underground, and it is therefore prone to exposure to any elements or minerals that exist in New Hampshire’s bedrock.
In addition, many private wells are located near farms or industrial plants. When it rains, water runoff can pick up contaminants from these sites and then seep into the ground above your well.
Well water is particularly prone to the following contaminants and quality issues:

Install a water treatment system to ensure your well water is safe and tastes great

Although well water faces a number of quality issues, you can avoid them by installing a residential water treatment system. McBride’s offers a number of different filtration systems that can treat the quality issues that are specific to well water. Even if your well is treated with chlorine, we suggest installing a filtration system that can remove chlorine and its chemical byproducts from your water before you use it. By installing a water treatment system, your well water will be perfectly safe and won’t suffer from the taste and smell issues that are common in water that comes from private wells.
If you have any questions about the safety of well water, or if you’d like a water system serviced or installed in your home, contact McBride’s Water Advantage, your water softener and water filtration system dealer in Epsom, New Hampshire. We provide service all over New Hampshire, including towns like Derry, Bow Center and Northwood, NH.
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